Brenda Tatum relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles, after meeting Brad King who promised her a music career. When his promises fizzled out, she ended up taking a waitressing job in the neighboring town of New Martin until she Alma Holden who hired her to seduce Alma's ex-husband, Caleb. Brenda and Caleb eventually became engaged, all the while Brenda fed Alma information about Caleb's company to bring it down.

Brenda started to feel guilty when she developed actual feelings for Caleb. Before she could pull out, Alma's schemes were exposed. Fearful of Caleb's wrath, Brenda faked a pregnancy and tried getting Caleb to marry her quickly in Santo Domingo. Before the ceremony he discovered she was faking her pregnancy and left her sobbing on the beach, begging for forgiveness as he returned home without her.

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